"Who you are tomorrow
begins with what you do today"
Tracy Hoang Ngan entrepreneur export import business UpBe Vietnam coconut

At age 25, I started my own project- UpBe in Ben Tre Vietnam. There are huge coconut fields, friendly local people, and even though it's still a poor area. I use this as my big business inspiration. I started doing things that I saw Vietnamese products were missing in the international market: brand marketing, professional sales service, and global business culture.

"Never stop believing in yourself"

I got many troubles at the beginning. Even through I had to meet a psychology doctor to help me get over my depression. After all, I and my team have strong networks all over the world. We conquered many difficult markets, such as USA, Europe, Israel, Australia, Japan, and more. Besides my career, I enjoy playing piano, doing Vovinam martial art, and doing community programs, which are about empowering women and marginalized communities in Vietnam.

As a long-life learner, I'm always exploring new opportunities for myself. I love supporting and sharing my knowledge with others as well. So let's talk together about your plans. You will love what I can help with.        Thank you and see you soon.

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Tracy Hoang Ngan international business entrepreneur export import trade